High Quality Boat Upholstery

If you’re in the tropics or near-tropics for the summer, you know that sunlight streaming through every window — hatch, port, or whatever you call it — just adds to the heat inside the boat. Catamarans, trawlers and some newer mono hulls are the worst, with large non-opening windows. They offer gorgeous views from inside the boat, but can rise inside temperatures considerably.

Big windows in a boat are wonderful for providing views but can really heat up the inside. Regular shades work most of the year, but better window shades can lower interior temps by 10 and is easily fixed by high quality boat Upholstery, USA and so, the first thing most boat owners do is to make (or have made) snap-on exterior shade panels with a fabric such as Phifertex or Phifertex Plus. Both of these block a fair amount of the light (70-90%) but still let you see out a bit. The boat from the best boat upholstery in USA came with one for the saloon windshield, and made another for the large window in cabin.

Custom boat upholstery in Florida snap on, which is helpful for the one that the helm looks through (we take it off before getting underway — it’s part of their boat and they do a great job year. But, you must be learned, they are woefully inadequate during the summer. Enough sunlight comes through that the window gets uncomfortably hot to touch!

Boat upholstery of USA looks at all sorts of possible solutions and ended up going for the 5-minute, less than $20 solution and bought a roll of Reflectix (bubble wrap with foil on both faces) and cut it to the size of the windows and slid it under the snap-on shades. You simply cut out little places where the snaps are so that the Reflectix can be the full size of the window.

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