Boat Interior Restoration in Florida

If your own or are interested in a vessel that it is not quite what you could consider the boat of your dreams, don’t be so quick to brush it aside, customize it into the boat of your dreams. If you don’t like the original interior layout of your boat, you can rebuild your interior any way that you wish! If you are not quite sure where to start, there are a few things to keep in mind that will ease you into the process of restoring the interior of your boat.

When transforming your boat, you have the option of changing your seats, interior side panels, dash, boat motor cover and carpets. But before you begin making any decisions, it is important to keep in mind the use and shape of the boat. It’s shallow and closer to the waterline so you can be sure there will be a lot of water seeping and splashing into the interior. Today, Florida boat upholstery has created durable upholstery, which doesn’t necessarily mean “plain.” Quite the opposite actually, boat designers now have upholstery choices that are both durable and beautiful.

Similarly when it comes to choosing carpeting, durability is the operative word. Custom boat Upholstery in Florida recommends basic marine vinyl. “The fancier ones are not always ideal.” Ian recommends a marine carpet and also notes the popularity of vinyl flooring. It is also quite simple to choose the WRONG thing in this instance, so once again, keep in mind the specificities of your particular boat.  The 1988 Glastron CVX 16 is great for hot summer days but choosing the wrong colors and materials could leave you with a very unpleasant boating experience. “The biggest thing with this boat is to choose light colors. Especially in sunny weather,” says Ian. Dark colors provide better visibility but they also absorb solar energy thereby creating heat gain.

The same drawback applies when choosing between certain materials; Low Cost Boat Upholstery Services, Florida suggests staying away from reflective materials. So when choosing ANY materials for your interior, make sure it is not reflective as “Shiny tends to radiate heat,” .An interior renovation is not something to rush through. If these ideas sound appealing to you, unless you plan on making slow and gradual changes to your boat, it’s best to wait until the off seasons. These upholstery services suggest making these changes in the fall or winter seasons so that your boat can be ready for you to enjoy in the summer months. “It takes time to get this done,” “Take your time when picking out the colors and materials and you will end up with something you are happy with.”

So if you are tired of your old model, consider a revamp to the interior and you may be surprised to find your craft will be transformed into a boat worthy of being displayed on a show room floor.

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