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About our company

Copycat Upholstery specializes in finding the right solution for all your boat upholstery needs, whether your boat is a bowrider, center console, pontoon or other style. Copycat can copy your original seat covers, match most colors or change your color and offer other custom options.

Located in Central Florida, Copycat Upholstery meets the needs of our customers both locally and worldwide, restoring their boat upholstery to the factory-fresh look of a new boat.

As one of the only do-it-yourself boat upholstery companies, our experienced and highly skilled team members are ready to help you restore your boat seats to their former beauty.

Enjoy your next boat outing with new seat covers. Contact Copycat Upholstery today !

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Proudly serving boat owners worldwide, when you contact Copycat Upholstery, consider your old seat cover problems solved. Visit our quote page and get your free quote today.