How it Works

For an accurate quote, please send a good picture of each part to be copied along with the length and width across the face of each part. For the purpose of a quote, count backrests and seat cushions as separate parts. Measure parts in a corner side to side through the corner as if the part is flat, then top to bottom. For odd-shaped cushions like a bow nose cushion, measure the 2 longest points side to side and top to bottom. I don’t need measurements of bucket seats or back-to-back seats, just a good picture. Count a bucket seat or a set of back-to-back seats as 1 part. In the Get A Quote Form, it will ask how many parts. This is because it will open a window with a link to upload a picture of your part and a place to put your measurements for each part. For Example if you select 10 parts, it will open 10 windows. In the Get A Quote Form, if you don’t know what hidem or piping or any other parts listed are, click on the question mark for a picture of the part.


Watch our DIY video.


Collect measurement information and individual photo images of your upholstered parts.


Complete the Get A Quote form and submit part information and photo images.


Receive your quote (a 50% deposit is required to start work, with the balance plus return shipping when complete).


Should you wish to proceed, remove the upholstery fabric from your boat. Should you have multiple pieces of fabric on one part, please mark the parts so we know that the pieces all belong to that same part.


Mark each part with your name, and number each part. Ship with a tracking number.

Once we have received your boat upholstery covers, we will notify you. Copycat Upholstery will then make a copy of your existing pattern. You also will have the option to change the color of the covers if you choose to for no additional costs. Once we have made your new boat upholstery covers, we will ship them back to you.

Colors are best match. Same color dye lots may vary.

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